05.16 1F Presents: BedroomTrax & Uncommon Sense


1F Entertainment presents
Whiskey Wednesday

featuring the music of

(Beat Lab, MalLabel Music, We Got This Crew)
A bass-laden duo specializing in sound production, manipulation and west coast antics, BedroomTrax has built their custom SWRV lane by combining influences from electronica, hip-hop, and psychedelia in a ménage a trois like fashion. The group emerged in 2015 with its Night Lights release through Mallabel Music and has since made a clear point: BedroomTrax’s production has no limits – from vibe control, to minimalist 808 beats and wall-shaking anthems. The duo brings a truly unique performance, featuring creative mixing styles and occassionally including live vocalists and MCs.


Uncommon Sense

More TBA

All this Plus

Live art demonstraions
Local craft vendors
paradigm synergizations
premium bubs
and The Litness Protection Program

1F Entertainment
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$5 Cover


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